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Privacy Policy

What data we collect and store:

Using the application does not require any data personal information. We do not own and do not want to own or process no data that would allow a third party to be identified specific application user. We do not want to know what is your name, where you live, etc. You should not give your details personal information to us and other people in the chat.

Data provided by users:

Data collected automatically:

This is the data needed for the technical implementation of the connection, and needed to meet legal obligations (system logs). Use cookies is described later in this text. Data contained in system logs are the IP address, port, protocol, connection time, information about the browser / application, bug reports.

Based on the data collected automatically we can not identify a specific person without connecting them with we have the data through a telecommunications operator. They serve recognizing the user, but they do not allow him to be identified.

We store the collected data using unique identifiers related to the browser / application you are using. It helps for example, we use your preferences to display content during different connection sessions. Because our websites contain mainly user content, we are required to respond to reported violations. Also to fulfill this obligation we use data collected automatically. They also help to detect bots, malicious software and other activities that harm ours users.

Data sharing

The e-mail address provided during registration is for contact only in matters of password recovery and account lockout. We do not create a letter mailing, we do not send marketing e-mails, we do not forward it other entities.

We do not share data obtained during registration.

Users are not allowed to provide personal and accurate information addresses in profile page, or public channels / rooms. These profile page will be deleted by administrators. In public rooms you also must not give phone numbers.

Data placed by users on profile page, including photos are publicly available.

Data collected automatically, including system logs can be made available to relevant services in cases specified by law.

Permissions in the application

The application can access the device's memory and camera photo. Camera access can be used to create avatar (profile photo) and is not necessary to operate application. Access to memory, except above, can be used for emoticon storage and for saving by the user fragment of the conversation.

Remember: The data you publish on your profile pages, including photos in avatars will be publicly available.


The Cookies mechanism is not used to obtain information about users or tracking their navigation. Cookie files used in the chatik.net network they are used to ensure correct connections with various website components and session maintenance. No this applies to cookies used in advertisements. See section "ads".


In the application and some parts of websites can be displayed ads